Cheer pheasant

Cheer Pheasant

The Cheer Pheasant (Catreus wallichii) is a bird species native to the Himalayan region of South Asia, including parts of Nepal, India, and Pakistan. These birds are known for their striking plumage, with the male having a colorful combination of iridescent blue, green, and bronze feathers, while the female has more muted brown feathers. Cheer …

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thailand national bird

Siamese Fireback

The Siamese fireback, commonly referred to as Diard’s fireback, is a large pheasant that measures around 80 cm in length. The male has a long, curled, blackish tail and grey plumage with a large face caruncle, red legs and feet, ornate black crest feathers, and reddish brown eyes. Brown with blackish wing and tail feathers, …

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golden crested pheasant

Crested Fireback Pheasant

A medium-sized forest pheasant with a peacock-like dark crest, bluish-black plumage, a reddish brown rump, black outer tail feathers, a red iris, and bare blue facial skin, the crested fireback can grow to be up to 70 cm long. The female is a brown bird with a short crest, blue skin on her face, and …

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crestless fireback pheasant

Crestless Fireback Pheasant

A species of bird belonging to the Phasianidae family is the crestless fireback pheasant. It can be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests are its natural habitat. Its conservation status has been rated as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to threats to its …

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salvadori's pheasant

Salvadori’s Pheasant

The Salvadori’s pheasant is an Indonesian native landfowl species of the genus Lophura. It can be found in Sumatra’s mountainous rainforests. The Sumatran pheasant is another name for it. Most people believe that the Hoogerwerf’s pheasant is a subspecies. Italian ornithologist Tommaso Salvadori first wrote about this bird in 1879. “Without ornament” is the meaning …

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hoogerwerf pheasant

Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant

Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant originated in Japan, are incredibly hardy, and are unaffected by the harsh winters in northern Alberta. They are among the relatively few birds that are the most peaceful, and the only time you will hear a male is when he performs one of his display rituals and he makes delicate whimpering or crying …

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Tarim pheasants

Tarim Pheasant

Tarim Pheasant breeding is in Kagoshima, reproducing happens from mid-March to mid-July. Completely developed youthful and recently brought forth youthful have been seen in bordering regions at the same time in late May. The birds are on regions from March (see ‘Show’ notes). In one area of Tashiro, three regions possess segments of steep slope …

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japanese green pheasant

Japanese Green Pheasant

Green pheasants are not particularly aggressive, but they are also not usually friendly. When they perceive danger, they are more likely to become anxious, wary, and secretive. Consequently, if you come across a wild Green Pheasant, it is likely to be wary and run away if you get too close to it. Females have a …

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the green pheasant bird

The Green Pheasant

The green pheasants are native to the country and have a significant cultural impact japanese. These birds are raised as livestock all over the world, though you can find them in popular Japanese folklore. They are frequently pursued as game animals as well. Although they are not typically friendly, green pheasants are also not particularly …

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mikado pheasant for sale

Mikado Pheasant for sale

It’s common to see mikado pheasants alone or in pairs. They communicate through vocalisations, and during the mating season, males whistle loudly and beat their wings to entice females. Mikado pheasant for sale are capable of flying, but only shortly. The Mikado pheasant can fly at 97 kph while flying and can reach speeds of …

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