blue eared pheasant

Blue Eared Pheasant

Blue Eared Bird is one more awesome Pheasant bird group from the avian-rich forests of China. Blue Eared Pheasant are huge and thick birds. They are for the most part a rich blue-dark tone however with radiant red facial fixes and recognizing white tufts at the edges of the head. The highest point of the head is featured by dull blue-dark shading that matches the blue-dim of the full tail. Tails are comprised of 24 plumes, and are chicken like in style, however airier and all the more effortlessly streaming. Legs and feet are red and match the facial patches.

Male and females are basically the same in both plumage. In any case, they are somewhat simple to recognize as guys look more coarse. Male are bigger, with thicker legs, and rounder and bigger wattles. By four months old,

This Pheasant are vocal birds. They are clearly, and Male create an exceptionally grinding series of sounds that can extend a mile. The male’s underlying calls are normally replied with similarly clearly calls from his mate or other opponent guys. In spite of the fact that birds, as a general rule, will generally be a piece distant, Blue Eared Fowls are one of the most amicable of species and have been known to move toward their guardians and eat no longer any of their concern.

Male and females will likewise foster spikes, which will help in deciding the birds’ sex. Male will have bigger, more adjusted prods, and females will have a lot more modest and elongated formed spikes.

Blue Eared Pheasant Breeding pair

It is best to keep These type of Pheasant as a pairs because they are monogamous, and they have very strong bonds. In these type of Pheasant Males feel very aggressive and defensive of their mates during the reproducing season, which is start in April and continue till June. Albeit one-year-old Blue Eared Birds will begin laying eggs, Pheasants Best reproduction outcomes will be acquired with two-year-old matches. Homes are made on the ground, and clutch size is 6-12 eggs. These eggs are in incubater for 26 days.

Blue Pheasant Breeding season:

These are one of China’s most common pheasants, and as such, it is listed as being of Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

BlueEared Pheasant Breeding Box

These pheasant comes in a big pheasant list. Male pheasant have 38 inch long Hight, And females are smaller then male. Like most other pheasant these pheasant will require an extensive aviary or enclosure. These pheasant are like 20 feet wide by 12 feet in long.

blue eared pheasant
Blue Eared Pheasant
blue eared pheasant
Blue Eared Pheasant for Sale

There are different subspecies:

  1. lineata (Vigors, 1831) – lineated pheasant.
  2. leucomelanos (Latham, 1790).
  3. melanota (Hutton, 1848) – with full of dark grey kalij pheasant.
  4. williamsi (Oates, 1898).

Blue Eared pheasant sub types

  • Crawfurd’s kalij pheasant
  • Lineated kalij pheasant
  • White-crested kalij pheasant
  • Black-backed kalij pheasant
  • Black-breasted kalij pheasant
  • William’s kalij pheasant
  • Oates’ kalij pheasan
  • Imperial Pheasant

Blue Eared Pheasant Food

A great business game bird diet is fine, yet make certain to enhance your birds with other different, supplement rich additional items. Instances of such additional items would be mealworms, greens, wild bird seed, tubers, nuts, or feline or canine kibble. In the wild, Blue Eared Fowls uncover a large portion of their eating routine, which is basically comprised of leaf shoots, bugs, bulbs and tubers, and roots.

kalij pheasant farming

Pheasant Breeding Video

Blue Eared Pheasant for Sale

Blue Eared Pheasant for Sale

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