hoogerwerf pheasant

Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant

Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant originated in Japan, are incredibly hardy, and are unaffected by the harsh winters in northern Alberta. They are among the relatively few birds that are the most peaceful, and the only time you will hear a male is when he performs one of his display rituals and he makes delicate whimpering or crying noises. Hoogerwerfs are among the most showy poultry, and their extravagant and thorough rearing practises make it amazing that they are not kept more frequently. The chicken exhibits all of his magnificent metallic feathers to the greatest advantage. The running portion of his performance, in which he circles the hen and parades the entire pen while lavishing attention on it.

The Hoogerwerf’s pheasant  also we can call the Aceh pheasant or Sumatran pheasant. is a medium-sized bird of the Phasianidae family that can grow up to 55 centimetres (22 in) in length. The name honours Dutch taxidermist and ornithologist Andries Hoogerwerf.

hoogerwerf's pheasant
Hoogerwerf’s Pheasant

Copper Pheasant Breeding pair

The male is a crestless bluish-black pheasant with grey legs and plain red facial skin. The female is a rufous-brown bird with short, dark tail, dark bluish-grey legs, and. Because of how similar it looks to the Salvadori’s pheasant, it is frequently regarded as a subspecies of that bird. The female differs from the latter in that her brown colour is darker, she lacks buff mottling, and her feathers are plainer.

Copper Pheasant Food

Wild Diet: Grains, plants, insects, and worms.

Captive Diet: Pellets, seeds, green food, live food.

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Copper Pheasant Breeding Video

pheasant sound

pheasant breeding info

what is a female pheasant called ?

Female pheasant call a Hen.

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