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Kalij Pheasant Breeding

Kalij pheasant is with particular expansive white scales on lower back to uppertail-coverts. Wings and vent are blackish-earthy colored and generally glossless. Male pheasant have 63-74 cm length. And Female pheasant 50-60 cm (tail 19-23 cm) length. Kalij pheasant breeding is easy. it need just 3 months to breed.

The favored living space of this bird are the woods of Nepal. This bird has anyway additionally been acquainted with Hawaii as a game bird where it has settled well overall and has various wild breeding gatherings. Most of this birds diet is comprised of seeds anyway it will likewise benefit from leaves, buds and few creepy crawlies.

This pheasant lays somewhere in the range of 6 and 10 eggs for each grip, which the female will hatch for around 25 days, anyway they have been known to in some cases lay and sucessfully raise 2 grasps of eggs in a solitary season.

This pheasant has a length which can go from 50cm to 73cm while it has a wingspan of close to 50cm.

Through its reach this bird is genuinely normal, liking to live in regions which are not effectively available or obliterated for working by individuals.The Nepal Kalij pheasant is practically the same in appearance to the White Crested Kalij pheasant and the Horsfields Kalij pheasant, which has regularly prompted inbreeding between the three in bondage, regardless of whether this is ordinarily unintentionally.

Kalij Pheasant Breeding pair

The grown-up male has blue-dark plumage with purplish to greenish. Kalij pheasant is with particular expansive white scales on lower back to upper tail-coverts. Male pheasant have 63-74 cm length. And Female pheasant 50-60 cm (tail 19-23 cm) length. The tail is lustrous blue-dark above and dark underneath. Pheasant Weight is 564-1025. The bosom is dim to grayish-white, yet there are numerous varieties in bosom tone as indicated by the race, and degree of white example on lower back, posterior and tail.

We can see a few extended blue-dark quills, framing a long peak on the rear crown. The face shows radiant red to red wattles.

The bill is pale dark. The eyes are dull earthy colored. Solid legs and feet are pale earthy colored. We can see a spike at the back of every bone structure.

Kalij Pheasant Breeding season:

The breeding periods of the numerous subspecies of the kalij are nearly pretty much as different as their natural surroundings, yet constantly incorporate the period April and May. The more tropical types of south-east Asia have comparable breeding periods.

The actual home is a slight empty, as a rule in a space of plentiful undergrowth, and at times under an overhanging rock, under a hedge, or in a bunch of grass. Abundant cover and a sensible closeness to water appear to be the significant necessities, and the overhead shade may change from thick evergreen woodland or bamboo wilderness to genuinely thin lush cover.

Kalij Pheasant Breeding Box

Make sure there is satisfactory cover where hens can shield from excessively energetic cockerels. The site picked should be a dry, all around drained, safeguarded locale — green field isn’t required.

Kalij Pheasant Breeding
Kalij pheasant Hawaii
Kalij Pheasant Breeding
japanese green pheasant

There are different subspecies:

  1. lineata (Vigors, 1831) – lineated pheasant.
  2. leucomelanos (Latham, 1790).
  3. melanota (Hutton, 1848) – with full of dark grey kalij pheasant.
  4. oatesi (Ogilvie-Grant, 1893) present in Oates’ kalij pheasant.
  5. crawfurdi (J.E. Gray, 1829).
  6. moffitti (Hachisuka, 1938) light black back of kalij pheasant.
  7. lathami (J.E. Gray, 1829).
  8. williamsi (Oates, 1898).
  9. hamiltoni J.E. Gray, 1829) present in Thailand.

Best Tips for Kalij Pheasant menu Breeding

These pheasants can be both monogamous and polygamous. During breeding season, the male performs romance shows just as calls and different sounds. Six to nine cream eggs are laid in a shallow scratch fixed with leaves. The female broods the eggs for 20 to 23 days. The male takes no part in securing the home except for may rejoin the family after the chicks incubate. Kalij pheasant for sale. Kalij pheasant farming.

Must check green pheasant breeding food

kalij pheasant sub types

  • Black kalij pheasant
  • Black-breasted kalij pheasant
  • William’s kalij pheasant
  • Oates’ kalij pheasant
  • Crawfurd’s kalij pheasant
  • Lineated kalij pheasant
  • White-crested kalij pheasant
  • Black-backed kalij pheasant
  • Nepal kalij pheasant

Kalij Pheasant Food

Kalij Pheasant: These pheasants are omnivorous, benefiting from different food things, for example, bamboo seeds, little snakes, figs, woods sweet potatoes, oak seeds, layer pellets, grains, leaves, seeds, creepy crawlies, ready products of the soil foundations of a ginger-like plant. They have a unique affection for termites. They scrounge along side of the road and in clearings and backwoods. How many pheasant per acre

kalij pheasant farming

Kalij Pheasant Breeding Video

pheasant hatching eggs

Kalij pheasant in Hawaii

Is Pheasant Good to eat?

Yes! we can eat its good for health.

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