Koklass Pheasant

Koklass Pheasant Breeding

Koklass pheasant is a best little pheasant from a part of those area where have Himalayas like Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, India, North East of china and Tibet. They always try to live at high altitudes, and also like forests areas. Koklass have also nine subspecies. In Nepal our own koklass pheasant breeding present pucrasia macrolopha nipalensis. Like all pheasant try to hide among and peck at or roost on, in pheasant Koklass have best with fairly large grassy pen.

Koklass pheasant is extra Hight in their starting years. So they have plumage and their bird pair can easily produce eggs in the start of April. In the list eggs , pheasants eggs are the small and cutest eggs ever seen in life. They are cream in color with light brown. As we all know the 4 – 9 eggs in a clutch.

Almost every pheasant have the same diet plane, koklass have also the same but they need extra take care. they can live a better if they received plenty of greens available to them. Upper body plumage is mostly black with surrounded by an almost white border. The belly and breast of a Koklass is a shade of dark chestnut. They have grey legs and short tail with mixture of shades brown. White patches under the cheeks with shimmering green head with patch on crown.

These birds are better to kept in pairs. But we have not yet try them in our home, so we cant not give any personal opinions at the moment. But we can found them easy to rear with any difficulty. Koklass birds are the same as other birds but they have their unique style.

Koklass Pheasant Breeding pair

Female’s koklass producing eggs in the start of April to June  and they will lay every second day until they will get almost 15 eggs. When Koklass females produce eggs, first year females produce small eggs than older females. The best place of there pairs is trios. Also in Kashmir, eggs of koklass where found in late as 15 July.

Koklass Pheasant Breeding season:

Mostly birds laying eggs in the middle of May to end of June. Pheasant create their nests under thick bushes, like on the hills and also on the forest. They always try to make there hidden nest, so no one can attack on their child’s. They use tangles of briars, raspberries and other canes make their nest hidden from view.

Koklass Pheasant Breeding Box

Pheasant is a special birds, that’s why important attention should be given to their accommodation. Pheasants to not need to wash, they always keep their plumage clean buy dust shower. Breeding stock in house is like to give big size of operation.

There are different type of box are available in market , but we recommend when your pheasants age is just 2 months old then you have to buy new box. Before that you should use incubators. The most important thing in the incubators is temperature. To maintain your bird temperatures your thermometer should work properly. Do not depends on incubators, always check physicals everything. Give proper feed and water. Select the best place for incubators, where new air should be there. pheasant coop also available.

koklass Pheasant egg
Pheasant House

There are 15 different subspecies:

  1. Indian Koklass Pheasant (P. m. macrolopha)
  2. Western Koklass Pheasant (P. m. castanea)
  3. Kashmir Koklass Pheasant (P. m. biddulphi)
  4. Nepal Koklass Pheasant (P. m. nipalensis)
  5. Meyer’s Koklass Pheasant (P. m. meyeri)
  6. Orange-collared Koklass Pheasant (P. m. ruficollis)
  7. Yellow-necked Koklass Pheasant (P. m. xanthospila)
  8. Joret’s Koklass pheasant (P. m. jorentiana)
  9. Darwin’s Koklass Pheasant (P. m. darwini)

Best Tips for Pheasant Breeding

  • Mostly we see in any event one 2 foot long feeder for every 50 chicks.
  • Try not to utilize paper as the chicks won’t get a firm balance.
  • Small House for pheasant chicks is of climate tight and roof should be rodent.
  • Lamps with adjust able heat is easy to use.
  • At least 2 weeks before chicks arrive you should clean and spray your pheasant house.
  • If Pheasant chicks approach wood, they will eat them and bite the dust.
  • 10 diverse age class of Pheasant to really focus on during breeding season
  • you should also check cheer pheasant breeding.

Koklass Pheasant Food

Koklass pheasant mostly eat berries, green shoots, pine seeds, lichens and also some invertebrates have beetles, flies, butterflies and snails.  

Housing Shelters for Pheasant

Koklass Pheasant Breeding Video

pheasant breeding centre morni

How much do pheasants birds cost?

If we calculate cost of pheasant all around its just $60. But if you give full best feed on pair you will face $200.

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